Common Errors with Possible Fix

NPM Package Installation

Permission denied

Fix: To fix the permission issue, use "sudo" while installing npm package.

sh: 1: cannot create generated/aesprim-browser.js: Permission denied

Fix: Root cause is provided in link. Try installing package using - sudo npm install -g [email protected] --unsafe

uncaughtException: The “mode” argument must be integer. Received type function ([Function (anonymous)])
TypeError [ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE]: The “mode” argument must be integer. Received type function ([Function (anonymous)])
at Object.copyFileSync (fs.js:1939:10)

Fix: Update your Node version to LTS version i.e., 12.x.x.


Error: Make sure you have added docker to the USER group

Fix: It shows docker is not added to user group. Add it by running the following commands: sudo groupadd docker sudo usermod -aG docker $USER newgrp docker

Error: check log files by using command 'tezster get-logs'...

Fix: There is an error in starting the nodes locally. Please check alpha protocol logs and confirm whether it has been activated or not.


Error: Syntax error at line 1 col 2:
Unexpected word token: "a".

Fix: Inputs are not matching expected data types.

Error: failed: (permanent: proto.007-PsDElPH1.michelson_v1.bad_contract_parameter),
(permanent: proto.007-PsDElPH1.invalidSyntacticConstantError),
(permanent: proto.007-PsDElPH1.michelson_v1.invalid_expression_kind)

Fix: Parameter string is not matching. Make sure you are using the right parameter string.

bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

Fix: Parameters are supposed to pass as a string. Don't forget to use inverted commas before and after braces.

Error: failed: (temporary: proto.007-PsDElPH1.michelson_v1.runtime_error),
(temporary: proto.006-PsDElPH1.michelson_v1.script_rejected)

Fix: Providing parameter/arguments are not appropriate or account used is not activated on current provider. Make sure you are calling entry points with required parameters.


Error: (branch: proto.007-PsDElPH1.implicit.empty_implicit_contract)

Fix: It seems like your current provider is not functional. Please setup proper provider before use.

Error occured while activating account :
Error: (permanent: proto.007-PsDElPH1.operation.invalid_activation)

Fix: Such error comes into picture when you are trying to activate account on wrong provider. Make sure to set a valid remote provider. (Any delphinet provider will work)

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError:
Cannot read property 'pk' of undefined

Fix: The account is not yet activated. Please activate the account properly before use.


uncaughtException: /var/tmp/tezster/config.json:
Unexpected token z in JSON at position 3404

Fix: For Linux, Mac OS, Linux subsystem for windows :- Delete existing config.json file by running - sudo rm -rf /var/tmp/tezster/config.json

For Windows :- Go to C:\\var\tmp\tezster and delete config.json file. After deletion run any tezster command.