Tezos Account Operations

We are providing 5 bootstrap accounts that are activated and have sufficient balance. These bootstrap accounts can be used only for local nodes.

List Accounts

To list all the bootstrapped and activated accounts, run:

tezster list-accounts

Add Testnet Faucet Account (Only for delphinet remote node)

Users can also activate and use their own account with tezster to interact with delphinet (test network of tezos).

Before activating the faucet account you need to change the provider to remote nodes. To check your current provider, run:

tezster get-rpc-node

Users have to download the file from faucet. After downloading the account file ( tz1***.json) from faucet you need to add the testnet account:

add-testnet-account <account-label> <absolute-path-to-json-file> - restores account from faucet json file
e.g. tezster add-testnet-account alpha4 /home/op/Downloads/tz1Umt3KQUwZYyjFjJrRXjp17qosuxAkmf3n.json

Activate Testnet Faucet Account (Only for delphinet remote node)

Any testnet faucet account requires activation before first use. Make sure your current node provider is set to remote nodes before activating the account. To activate the account, run:

activate-testnet-account <account-label>
e.g. tezster activate-testnet-account alpha4

Transfer Amount

To transfer XTZs from one account to another account, run:

tezster transfer <amount> <from> <to> <--optional gas fee>
eg. - tezster transfer 10 bootstrap1 bootstrap2

Once you do the transaction, the transaction needs to get baked in a block. For this you don't have to bake your blocks because a baker is running for your local node and it bakes automatically.

Note: Gas fee is optional field, set to default 3000 muꜩ.

Get Balance

To fetch balance for any listed account, run:

tezster get-balance <account-label/pkh/identity>

Create Wallet

You can create empty testnet/mainnet account on local node/remote node without need of faucet file. To create a wallet, run:

tezster create-wallet <wallet-label>

It will create empty wallet account which is not yet activated. After transferring some balance to this account, it will activated account on network which is set to active provider.

Restore Wallet

You can restore existing wallet using mnemonic phrases OR secret key. To restore an wallet, run:

tezster restore-wallet <account-label>
Ex. tezster restore-wallet account1
? Restore wallet using: Mnemonic Phrases
? Enter mnemomic phrase: seat album lobster champion salmon copper oval wheel obscure rebel agent old juice loop slab day trend detect sock c
lay convince session denial fan

It will restore your existing wallet which is already activated on that network.

Remove Account

To remove activated account from the list, run:

tezster remove-account <account-label/pkh/identity>